Heraklion Crete, Greece

2nd International Conference on Nanotechnologies & Bionanoscience

NanoBio 2023

September 11-15 2023
Heraklion Crete Greece

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Nanobio 2023




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About NanoBio2023

The 2nd International conference on Nanotechnologies and BioNanoScience (NanoBio 2023) – aims to capitalize on the rapid growing and interconnected fields of Nanotechnology and Bioscience. The aim is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers from academia and industry around the world, to discuss on the forefront of research and to address the emerging fields of Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences. The conference will focus on nano(bio)materials synthesis, innovative solar cells, nano(bio)photonics, optoelectronics, nano(bio)electronics tissue engineering, nanomedicine and safety of nanomaterials.

The main objective of the conference is to accommodate a wide range of interests and to facilitate interdisciplinary interaction in both academia and industry. The conference will also provide an ideal environment to develop new collaborations and provide opportunities to meet experts working on various areas of Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences.

NanoBio 2023 will host world leading Plenary and Invited speakers characterized by excellence, innovation, creativity, as well as ‘research lovers’ aiming at the education of young researchers. Their talks will be a platform for ‘food for thought’ for early-career researchers, young investigators and curious students. The conference encourages presentation of oral as well as poster contributions from scientists from all over the world.

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Nanobio 2023

Important dates

Abstracts Submission

Deadline (oral): 15th June 2023
Acceptance Notification: 5th June 2023
Deadline (poster): 25th of August 2023

Registration Deadlines

Early: 31st June 2023
Late: 1st September 2023

General Info

Hotel reservation: 30th June 2023 (After this date, upon availability of the Hotel)
Scientific program: 1st of August 2023

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Julia Greer

California Insititue of Technology

Prof. Nicholas Peppas

The University of Texas at Austin

Prof. Nektarios Tavernarakis

University of Crete, Director of FORTH

Prof. George Malliaras

University of Cambridge

Prof. Manish Chhowalla

University of Cambridge

Prof. Rodrigo Martins

NOVA University Lisbon

Prof. Sotiris Pratsinis

ETH Zurich

Invited Speakers

Paul Weiss

University of California, Los Angeles

Thomas Anthopoulos

KAUST Solar Center

Liberatto Manna

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)

Anne Milansic Andrews

University of California, Los Angeles

Insung Choi

Center for Cell-Encapsulation Research, KAIST

Xavier Marie

INSA Toulouse

Derya Baran

KAUST Solar center

Costas Galiotis

Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas


Dr Emmanuel Stratakis

Research Director at

Prof. Emmanuel Kymakis

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU)

September 11-15 2023

6 Workshops

Next-generation nanomedicine relies on the development of innovative nanomaterials with novel electronic, magnetic and structural properties that are unique at the nanoscale level. Read More

This workshop will focus on the latest developments in photovoltaic (PV) technologies, with a particular emphasis on emerging PVs. Read More

The highly interdisciplinary and fast evolving fields of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine attracts scientists, engineers and medical doctors who are focused on the development of alternative therapies for tissue and organ repair. Read More

This workshop will focus on new and innovative ways to manufacture electronics, by utilizing novel processes and functional materials to provide electronic functionality in thin, flexible and transparent designs. Read More

The advent of nanotechnology opens up unique opportunities for nanophotonic and nanoelectronic applications. Read More

This workshop will focus on the latest developments in the synthesis, properties, characterization, and applications of 2D materials beyond graphene, with a particular emphasis on 2D compounds and layered materials and their heterostructures. Read More