NanoBio2020 Conference will be comprised of Parallel Sessions and Special Sessions covering the following fields

Workshop 1: Nanobiomaterials and nanomedicine

Next generation nanomedicine will rely on innovative nanomaterials capable of unprecedented performance. Therefore, the design and development of Nanobiomaterials should play a significant role in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in the early stage.

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Organic-Inorganic Perovskite solar cells are the gamechanger in the field of solar cells. The race for the efficiency continues, but other research features are becoming more and more urgent. Τhe upscaling to industrial modules, the concerns in terms of toxicity of lead perovskites, and the long-term stability of the solar cells are the more pressing issues that must be addressed...

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WORKSHOP 3: tissue engineering & regenerative medicine

The exciting and very promising field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine includes engineers, scientists, and physicians that collaborate with a variety of tools (cells, biomaterials and suitable biochemical and physical factors) to develop biological substitutes...

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workshop 4: graphene & related 2d materials

Graphene and related two-dimensional (2D) materials and hybrid nanostructures (GRMs) have a combination of properties that could enable the development of innovative and smart products, ...

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WORKSHOP 5: nanoelectronics &bioelectronics

The advent of nanotechnology opens up unique opportunities for nanophotonic and nanoelectronic applications. On top of that, the miniaturization of the current electronic and photonic technology ...

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