Order Allow,Deny Deny from all Workshop 6 on Emerging Technologies: Internet of Things, Smart Objects and Services – NanoBioConference

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a novel paradigm which is shaping the evolution of the future Internet. By providing objects with embedded communication capabilities and a common addressing scheme, a highly distributed and ubiquitous network of seamlessly connected heterogeneous devices is formed, which can be fully integrated into the current Internet, thus allowing for the development of new advanced and intelligent services. Smart homes and cities, intelligent transportation systems, e-¬health, industrial automation, and the smart grid, are a few examples of such application areas where the interest of industry and relevant stakeholders in applying the IoT concept is growing fast. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is once again under the spotlight in order to deliver the algorithms and techniques that could help meet these high expectations and could drive the next socio-economic transformation. IoT vision requires flexible circuits/devices based on large scale printing technologies. Besides, the rise of Smart Textile and Wearables represents a significant opportunity for manufacturers of advanced organic printable materials and devices to implement their innovations for fashion, architecture, sports, medical, protection, and safety. Furthermore, the various components like actuators, sensors, connections, energy storage and generation, as well as communication will be addressed during the workshop.

The Workshop topics include:

  • • Smart City/Smart Buildings
  • • Industrial IoT/ Industry 4.0
  •  AI and Blockchain
  •  Printed smart Electronics in Automotive and Industrial Applications
  •  Printed smart Electronics in Healthcare
  •  Flexible, Foldable OLED and MicroLED Displays and Lighting
  •  Flexible Energy Harvesting Technologies
  •  Advanced structures of Textiles and Wearables
  •  Wearables in Healthcare
  •  Printed Sensors, Transistors & Actuators
  •  Flexible, Printed and Large Area Sensors
  •  IoT for communication of Smart Wearable Technologies and Devices