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Workshop 2: Perovskite optoelectronics & solar cells

Organic-Inorganic Perovskite solar cells are the gamechanger in the field of solar cells. The race for the efficiency continues, but other research features are becoming more and more urgent. The upscaling to industrial modules, the concerns in terms of toxicity of lead perovskites, and the long-term stability of the solar cells are the more pressing issues that must be addressed.Although the spotlight currently is on the Perovskite solar cells the Organic Photovoltaics are established and a high potential technology. Breakthroughs in large-scale processing, improvements in stability, and new materials show that Organic Photovoltaics is an ongoing research field. Recently due to the development of new materials and specifically non-fullerene acceptors the performance reached 16%.This workshop will try to explore fundamental questions and challenges in Perovskite and Organic Photovoltaics and related optoelectronics devices. The workshop will focus on the recent advances in the fields of solar cells, light-emitting diodes, lasers, and optical devices employing Perovskite or Organic active layers. The aim is to gather leading researchers to share the recent advances and discuss challenges and future directions for perovskite and organic photovoltaics and optoelectronic devices.

The Workshop topics include:
  • Perovskite solar cells.
  • High performance Organic solar cells.
  •  Novel device concepts and implementations.
  •  Organic-Inorganic and hybrid systems.
  •  Synthesis and characterization of novel materials.
  •  Perovskite lasers and light emitting diodes.
  •  Advanced photonic processes in perovskite technologies.
  •  Advances un non-fullerene naterial acceptors.
  •  Device physics and modelling.
  •  Lifetime and device stability.
  •  Environmental impact and toxicity of PVs related materials.
  •  Flexible Photovoltaics and optoelectronics.
  •  Large area processing and commercialization.